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Reflector Epoxy Flooring

Concepts in Concrete was recently asked to design a floor for one of the most prestigious fraternity house on the campus of University of Pennsylvania. We chose to do a Reflector epoxy floor. Epoxy floors are perfect for an enviorenment where cleaning is not the most important thing but durability and slip resistance is. Afterall, something tells me this floor will see more alcohol than cleaning chemicals.

Metallic epoxy floors can be very reflective or can be muted down for a satin to matte finish. Reflector epoxy floors have 18 standard colors with the ability to mix colors and ratios for endless color possibilities,

Epoxy floors are so durable you can drive a car over them, They are easy to keep clean and always offer a great conversational peice.

If you are in need for a durable and beautiful floor and are in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery Count or New Jersey you really should check these floors out.


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