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Interior Concrete Overlays

Interior Concrete overlays can be used to create the custom look of slate, tile, stone or marble with more control over color and texture. Interior Concrete Overlays  can be used to achieve a contemporary look, an aged natural appearance or that  one of a kind design. Decorative concrete overlays are floor and water resistant, low maintance, easy to clean, stain resistant and allergan free.

down, mopped or swept clean and is not subject to flooding..Decorative concrete flooring can be installed on any floor of the house as weight is not an issue, or in any room as an existing concrete floor is not needed.

When considering a new floor for your home (family room, basement, bathroom, garage) why limit yourself to the same old tile or carpet selections? Today concrete, yes concrete, is being used in a wide variety of interior flooring finishes. Look in any home decorating magazine or watch any home improvement station and your bound to find an article or episode on the growing popularity, design aspects and beauty of interior concrete floors. The main reason for the increased awareness of decorative concrete flooring stems from the endless design and color possibilities. In addition to the overwhelming demand and dramatic appearance of acid stained finishes, you can create the custom look of slate, tile, stone, marble or granite with more control over color and texture. Concrete can be used to achieve a contemporary look, an aged natural appearance or a one of a kind design that you will never find in your neighbor’s house. Carpeting and vinyl are subject to tears, staining, damage from flooding, and general wear. People with allergies may also have concerns about dust or molds that may be found in carpet fibers. In addition, some floor coverings look dirty or dingy in a short amount of time. Concrete flooring systems are extremely durable, easy to clean, waterproof and stain resistant. If you suffer from allergies concrete flooring is great alternative to carpet as there are no fibers or crevices that can trap dirt or mold. If your basement is musty or prone to water problems a decorative concrete floor system is the perfect solution because it can easily be hosed

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