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Custom Designed Concrete Floor In Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania

Back in March 2014, Carl Ballinger from Carl R Ballinger Design Studio in Philadelphia reached out to Concepts in Concrete in Bristol, Pennsylvania and started describing a floor that seemed to be impossible to put into concrete to say the least. It was a custom designed concrete floor with a subtle feel of a labrynth. The custom designed concrete floor incorporates multiple colors with a feel of stone or quarry tile. After a few meetings and some sample boards the design team, at Concepts in Concrete, along with Jeff Carter of Creative Concrete & Epoxy were ready to put this idea onto a custom designed concrete floor. Concepts in Concrete grinded the floor to remove all existing mastics and glues from previous carpet and tile. Then multiple coats of Elite Crete Thin Finish were applied incorporating a slate texture for the quarry tile feel. The pattern was all done by hand and some trade secrets. The custom designed concrete floor was then stained which took over 2 days to do. The custom designed concrete floor was then top coated with 2 coats of water based epoxy and a urethane to handle the high amount of foot traffic and abuse. Bryn Mawr is on the Main Line in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and is well known for everything being just-right.

St. Luke Santuary just floor.jpg

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